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NOTE to Mac users

If you are installing the Mac version of each software, you may encounter a normal warning message that may prevent the software from opening. But, don't worry, there is nothing wrong with the software. Please watch the Mac install video for the corresponding software on the help pages provided below to see how to install on a Mac.


Fresh Title & Title Analyzer

You can download both the Fresh Title & Title Analyzer software from the following page:

Here are the help videos for fresh title:

Here are the help videos for the Title Analyzer:


Audience Analyzer & Social Post Browser

You can download both the audience analyzer & social post browser from the following page:

Here are the help videos for Audience Analyzer:

Here are the help videos for Social Post Browser:


Also, you can quickly get to the help videos by clicking the help button in any of the software located in the top main menu bar. It's the button with the question mark in it "?".

Please note the number of installs has already been set to 6 installs for all the software, and you simply need to use the email you just used to purchase to access to the downloads and register the software on your computer.


If you are having troubles installing the software, please refer to the help videos to see full instructions on how to install on both a pc and mac computer.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us here:


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